Year 11

Information for Year 11 Students Self Isolating during the Mock Exam period.

These are such anxious times and nevermore so than now, as the students enter their Mock Exam period in school. I do not underestimate how worrying this can be for our students. I know that they work extremely hard and that they have dreams and ambitions about their next steps after St Bernard’s. Please be reassured that we will do all that we can in our power to guide, support and love them through this situation.

In terms of their Mock Exams, we have taken the decision for our students who are self-isolating, to take these exams at home. This should allow them to ensure that the papers are completed and that they receive much needed marks and feedback with the rest of their peers on their return to school.

Please see full letter below – Year 11 Mock Exams -Self Isolation 28/10/20