Catholic Ethos

Our mission statement

Christ is our Teacher

At St Bernard’s we believe that all persons are created by God, unique and equal. We strive to create a caring Christian community in which we provide education based on Gospel values where all people reach their full potential. We aim to develop positive relationships with every individual and family, the parishes and wider community.

‘I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full’ John 10:10

The Catholic life of St Bernard’s is at the core of all that we embark upon and achieve; it is what makes our school special and unique. There is a clear expectation that the whole school community at St. Bernard’s  is responsible for modelling, promoting and enhancing our Catholic values on a day to day basis. These values are deeply engrained in our school culture, often resulting in visitors to the school commenting on its wonderful ‘feel’ and climate. Our most recent Section 48 review praised the culture of our school.

“it is evident that the new school leadership has built on the school’s traditions and continued to provide excellent opportunities for pupils to develop themselves socially, morally and spiritually.

There is a keen desire on behalf of the school to ensure inclusivity in worship, whatever the faith background of the students. The enthusiasm of the chaplaincy groups among volunteer students also speaks of the desire to be involved to prepare and lead acts of worship.

The school leadership and staff are to be commended for their commitment and enthusiasm in the drive to provide an outstanding Catholic education, and they should feel affirmed in the work that they are carrying out.”

Our Chaplain works closely with year groups and student leadership teams to deliver our Catholic values through the work that our students undertake in the local and wider communities and we celebrate the ways that all of our students are involved in fundraising and caring for others and their needs.  

We are very proud of the welcoming and supportive environment at St. Bernard’s where gospel values are celebrated in the physical environment and lived out in the relationships among pupils and staff and between school, parents and parishes.