Curriculum Overview

At St Bernard’s we believe in students having access to a broad curriculum which supports deep learning and allows students the opportunity to truly develop their thinking across their subject areas.

At Key Stage 3, we seek to develop TRIOS skills in all of our Year 7 students in order to give them the best toolkit with which to carry on their journey through the school. We want their learning to fun, vibrant and relevant, transitioning them successfully from primary curriculum to secondary.

We believe very much in our three-year Key Stage 4 which is right for our students, in our school. The curriculum time also encourages students to be excited by their subject choices and to specialise in areas that they have natural flair and a true curiosity. The curriculum is broad and balanced for our students. Students study four core areas of English, Maths, Science and RE as well as engaging in Core PE to support physical development. This is complimented by three options spread over three years.

The three-year Key Stage 4 affords the students many benefits which include:

A focus on mental health and wellbeing in that the curriculum is not condensed and does not cause undue stress with too little curriculum time and too many qualifications

Deeper learning supports the development of pathways through to post 16

Options process and quality guidance ensures students consider fully their pathways including a focus on the Ebacc where appropriate