Assessment and Tracking the St Bernard’s Way

At St. Bernard’s, students are formally assessed with results which are reported home to parents and carers twice a year. At the end of the academic year, parents and carers receive an average of the two rounds of tracking data alongside a full written report by each students’ subject teacher. Alongside our parents’ evenings and end of year form tutor meeting, we hope that this will give you an accurate picture of what your child has achieved throughout the year.

Our Aim

We aim to create:

  • An effective and accurate assessment system which supports breadth and depth of learning, with a greater focus on skills development.
  • A connected system which links Key Stages 2, 3 and 4 to promote a smooth transition and challenge in learning.
  • A consistent approach to assessment of students’ work at all levels.

Process of Assessment

There are four important stages in the process:

  1. The accurate assessment of the students
  2. The moderation of assessments
  3. The collection and processing of data
  4. The analysis and use of the data to inform progression

The Assessment Team:

Vice Principal Standards – Jayne Collins

Data & Curriculum Manager – Melissa Lockwood

Head of Year 11 – Maria Vallance

Head of Year 10 – Matthew Hunt

Head of Year 9 – Aileen Senior

Head of Year 8 – Connor Dobbs

Head of Year 7 – Sarah Ridgway