Transition the St Bernard’s Way

Here at St Bernard’s, we feel that our students should access Catholic Education not as separate primary and secondary school experiences, but as a seamless journey from 3 years of age to 16. Transition should not be a barrier nor a fear, it should be a wonderful experience, full of curiosity, excitement and success.

In order to achieve this for our students, we work closely with our Catholic Primary Schools and Partner Primary Schools in order to get to know our prospective students from a very early age. We spend time with them and their teachers in the primary setting and provide opportunities for the students to come and experience St Bernard’s regularly so that they start to feel at home in our surroundings.

We don’t see transition as solely a three-day event in Year 6, but rather a three-year journey of learning about them, preparing for them and succeeding with them. On our links opposite, you will find our transition programme which runs from Year 4 through to Year 7 and incorporates not only a focus on the academic transition of our students, but on their pastoral transition also.

We believe that a successful transition into St Bernard’s can mean a wonderful education for our students. With this in mind, we commit to having an outstanding transition team to support not only our students, but for our parents and families too. Please meet the team:

  • Head of Year 7: Ms Aileen Senior
  • Lower School Pastoral Lead: Mrs Cathy Davies.
  • Senior Lead Link to Year 7/SENDCo: Mrs Frances Whayman.
  • School Chaplain: Mrs Tammy Neal.
  • Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Jane Hawke.