The St Bernard’s Award

The St. Bernard’s Award: Year 9

The St. Bernard’s Award is our unique and bespoke homework programme for our Year 9 students. At St. Bernard’s, we want our students to live out our mission statement and have ‘life to the full’. A large part of this is making sure that they achieve their academic potential but we also know that life is about so much more than that!

Here at St. Bernard’s we value the whole person – all the unique skills, talents and characteristics we’ve been blessed with. These are every bit as important as achieving success in the academic curriculum because they make us who we are!

The St. Bernard’s Award replaces all traditional homework in Year 9, except for important revision tasks. The award encourages our students to showcase all the different ways they use their time and to receive acknowledgement for this. The award is delivered in our Personal Development Hour and covers the following each term:

  1. Skills
  2. Physical Activity
  3. Serving Others
  4. Learning Zone

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