More Able Programme

Aspiration to the highest levels of progress is our absolute minimum expectation for all students. The “Higher Able Programme” is one of our many teaching and learning initiative that responds to a cohort of students with specific learning needs. St Bernard’s Catholic High School believes all students are created by God, unique and equal. We aim to provide the best possible education to meet the individual needs of all students and to help them achieve their full potential. Students who have demonstrated high achievement, and whose previous assessments indicate possible future high achievement, should be recognised and supported in their development both within and outside of the classroom.

The principal aims for the Higher Able at St Bernard’s Catholic High School:

  • To ensure that all students who have the potential to achieve significantly above average for their year group, (both compared to their peers and nationally), are accurately identified so all staff members can target them effectively with challenging opportunities and at higher cognitive levels.
  • To ensure these students achieve the highest possible outcomes as measured by levels of progress and attainment.
  • To ensure that demographic backgrounds do not present as any form of barrier to the success or career aspirations of any higher able student.
  • To provide a broad range of enrichment opportunities, both in and outside of school, which will stimulate learning and further accelerate student progress.
  • To increase the number of students who progress on to Oxbridge and Russell Group Universities

For further information about the higher able programme undertaken at St. Bernard’s, please contact