Academic Mentoring

Academic Mentoring is St Bernard’s way of feeding back to parents/carers and students about progress and achievements across school. Every is allocated an academic mentor; this will either be the student’s form tutor, a member of the pastoral team, progress leader or member of the senior leadership team. The academic mentor will provide a summary report of the student’s achievements across school and include information about attendance, achievements and behaviour. It will set key actions for the student to work on before the next round of tracking.

Academic Mentor Afternoons:

Academic mentor afternoons are through out the school year. Normal timetabled lessons are withdrawn to allow academic mentors to meet with parents and students.

Subject Evenings:

Following academic mentor afternoons are subject evenings are held. These evenings provide staff, parents/carers and students the opportunity to discuss any individual subject specific concerns which couldn’t be resolved in the academic mentor meetings.

While our academic mentor and subject evening are set dates, parents/carers are encouraged to contact school if they have any questions about their child’s progress and personal development at any time. Staff will be more than happy to discuss things over the phone or arrange an additional meeting.