Tracking Data

Teachers carry out a variety of assessments all the time. Below you can see some of the different types:

In class tasks:

 – Green Zone tasks

 – Exam practice questions

 – Group work

 – Presentations

 – Questioning

 – Peer and self-assessment

 – Discussions

 – Homework tasks


 – End of unit test

 – To Date

 – Mock exam

 – Coursework

 – Assignment

 – Year/Key Stage to date assessments

Before each round of tracking students will complete at least two assessments, there may be more depending on the subject. One of these assessments will be a ‘year to date’ or ‘subject to date’ assessment so that prior knowledge and content previously taught is always being recapped and assessed. The other assessment will test the most recent content and skills taught in an ‘end of topic ’or ‘topic’ assessment.  An average of the assessments in each round of tracking will be taken to provide the tracking grade. Teachers will help students to prepare for their assessments in lessons through class work and homework tasks. Acting upon on teachers’ feedback is really important so that students are as ready as possible for their actual assessments.