SEND Levels at St Bernard’s

E: Students have an Educational Health Care Plan

K: SEND Support in school/working with outside agencies/quality first teaching and effective differentiation

M: Monitoring/Quality first Teaching & effective differentiation

We provide support in 3 waves:

Wave 1: Quality first teaching to meet the needs of individual students through differentiation and adaptations in the classroom. We provide regular training to all teaching staff to ensure that they have the best knowledge and skills to support learners with additional needs.

Wave 2: We provide the following additional support in school to help our SEND leaners reach their full potential:

  • SSA (Student support assistant) deployment in the classroom
  • 1:1 or small group interventions for specific needs such as SEMH (social, emotional and mental health), reading and literacy, speech and language, autism.
  • Providing specific equipment such as coloured books or overlays.

Wave 3: Involvement of external agencies such as:

  • Learning Support Service
  • Speech and Language Service
  • Physiotherapy
  • Educational Psychology Service

Social, Emotional and Mental Health

Your child is a valued member of St Bernard’s family and we want every child to have a happy experience during their time at St Bernard’s. We acknowledge that every child is unique, and that at various points and for a variety of reasons, may need additional support to maintain good emotional and mental health.

Our Mission Statement states that Christ is our Teacher. The Catholic Ethos runs through every aspect of school life and we have a large team of dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to support the emotional needs of every student, so that each student can reach their full potential and live life to the full.

We ensure that every student is nurtured, supported, respected and listened to. St Bernard’s Inclusion Team offer various types of support, including: 

  • Mentoring and support from the Pastoral Leads
  • Form Tutor support – First port of call in the morning to prepare our students for the day
  • Positive Discipline hour gives Form Tutors the time to speak to their tutees and offer support where needed.
  • 2 in-school counsellors for students who require enhanced support (individual or group sessions)
  • Tammy Neal- School Chaplain offers spiritual and emotional support
  • Mindfulness/Meditation offered as a part of our enrichment programme
  • PSHE curriculum includes mental health topics in order to raise awareness and understanding and provide strategies for developing positive emotional health and wellbeing and managing mental health
  • SEMH intervention delivered by our Level 3 SEMH specialist SSA
  • Close working relationships with Rotherham Early Help Team and CAMHS

If you have any concerns about your child’s emotional or mental wellbeing, we advise that you contact your GP in the first instance. Please then contact your child’s Pastoral Leader, who will implement a support package within school.