Our SEND Vision

Our SEND vision is HIIP HAPPY

  • We are dedicated to ensuring students with SEND feel happy and confident by providing them with a positive and safe environment; one where they feel included and cared for.
  • Students are supported both academically and pastorally in lesson by either the teacher, or, if needed, an SSA.
  • Further support is offered to SEND students out of timetabled lessons. We hold homework club during lunchtimes and provide support during enrichment activities.


  • Students with SEND are educated, wherever possible, in an inclusive environment, receiving quality first teaching alongside their peers.
  • We provide a broad and balanced curriculum; one that is relevant and differentiated to ensure ALL students have equal access to learning.
  • All teaching staff share responsibility for the progress of SEND students in their care.
  • Integrating students with their peers during social times is also one of the key priorities in the SEND provision we offer.


  • We strive to develop independent learning skills amongst our students with SEND.
  • Quality first Teaching, differentiation and embedding support tools during lessons; all contribute to developing independence amongst our SEND students.
  • At St Bernard’s, our SSAs embed the ‘helicopter’ approach to support. This involves consolidating the understanding of a task with a student, then moving away to enable students to work independently on the task.
  • Our SEND team help to integrate students with their peers out of lesson time by helping them develop independent life and social skills.


  • At St Bernard’s we want all our students, including those with SEND, to leave school in Y11 as happy, confident and independent young adults.
  • During their journey from year 7 to year 11, SEND students will develop a range transferable social, life and academic skills; ones that will help prepare them for the wider world, further education and a career.
  • We strive for our SEND students to be as successful as and have the same opportunities as their peers.