Meet the Inclusion Team:

Frances Whayman – Vice Principal for Inclusion and SENDCo

Jane Hawke – Designated Safeguarding Officer and Child Protection Lead, Deputy SENDCo

Rachel Graham – Attendance and Family Liaison Officer

Tammy Neal – School Chaplain

Senior Pastoral Lead, Pastoral Lead for Year 7 and Transition – Catherine Davies

Pastoral Lead for Year 8 and Year 9 – Emma Lee

Pastoral Lead for Year 10 and Year 11 – Aimee Hague

Head of Year 7 – Maria Vallance

Head of Year 8 – Rosie Bashforth

Head of Year 9 – Jade Rhodes

Head of Year 10 – Aileen Senior

Head of Year 11 – Kirsty White

Governor for SEND and Safeguarding – Monsignor J Ryan

Governor for Inclusion – Mr C MacCormac