KS3 Performing Arts and KS4 BTEC Music

Curriculum Overview – Year 7

In Performing Arts students will study a thematic curriculum exploring three engaging themes and topics. The first theme is based on the idea of Roots and tailored to the topic of Samba. Students will explore samba music and dance learning about the origins and cultures, the development and influences of samba and create their own music and dance. The second theme is based on British Values and through Performing Arts is tailored to the play of Oliver Twist. Students will learn acting skills and techniques that they can apply to the script work available and will develop as performers. Students will experience how more than one principle can shape a good performance, including singing and dancing. The third theme is based on the Environment. In Performing Arts we have tailored this to the topic of ‘Love Where You Live’ and how we impact our environments and how we can be a small change to the bigger picture. Students will draw on all Performing Arts principles to create an environment project through music, acting and dancing.

Curriculum Overview – Year 8

The key focus in Year 8 is developing knowledge and understanding of the Performing Arts principles and developing as performers. This is a skill that is essential should students continue in any of the Performing Arts subjects in Year 9. Students will study a variety of topics through the year with each topic running across a half term. Starting in the autumn term students will study musical theatre which will lead into song writing with a Bues influence. Going into the spring term students will form a band with their own chosen style and look at script work and develop acting skills. Both these topics focus on team work, being self managers and being able to manage their time through the preparation and rehearsals they will undertake. Going into the summer term students will respond to a brief. For students, this entails planning what they need to do, creating their work and performing their finished product. This can be completed using any or all of the Performing Arts principles.

Curriculum Overview – Year 9

As this is the year that students have opted into BTEC Music, the first half term allows students to sample the subject in more depth deepening their knowledge and understanding. This knowledge will be applied to practical and composition tasks in preparation for the study of their first component. Students will experience a range of music, learn new instrumental skills and develop as performers through solo and ensemble opportunities. Students will apply their knowledge and skills to a mock assessment before undertaking the first learning aim of component 1: Develop Appreciation of Styles and Genres of Music.

Curriculum Overview – Year 10

As a continuation of Year 9, the Year 10 curriculum is designed to implement elements learnt and complete learning aims and full components. Students will continue to develop as young confident people, expand their understanding of music, the industry and techniques to perform and create music as well as being reflective learners. Students will complete a mock assessment in preparation for the completion of component one, learning aim B: Explore techniques to Create Music Products. This leads students on to the study of developing skills and techniques as a performer, producer and creator. Students will complete the next learning aim for the second component: Exploring professional and commercial skills for the music industry.

Curriculum Overview – Year 11

As a continuation of Y10, the Year 11 curriculum builds on the professional and commercial skills and encourages students to apply these to their own individual skills and talents. Students will revisit and draw on all knowledge and understanding over the course and the last two components to prepare and respond to an external brief. These briefs are set by the examination board and students will create a personalised portfolio of work in response to the chosen brief. Once the brief is released students are allocated a certain amount of time to plan and prepare before submitting their final work through the skills of their choice.

Curriculum Leader

Mrs L Beck – lbeck@sbch.org.uk

Teacher of Performing Arts

Mrs K Ratcliffe – kratcliffe@sbch.org.uk