Construction and the Built Environment

Curriculum Overview – Year 9

In Year 9, students can choose to study the BTEC Constructing the Built Environment course provided by Edexcel for three one hour lessons per week. This course is ideal for students who are considering a career in the construction industry or would thrive in a more practical learning environment.

Students study three units in total over key stage 4. Two of these units are internally assessed and externally moderated each year and make up 60% of the qualification. The final unit is an exam which makes up the remaining 40% of the course.

In Year 9, students get to experience and practise skills in carpentry through a range of small and large tasks which will prepare them for the carpentry unit in Year 10. We also provide students with an electronics project and a tiling / decorating project which will provide them with both skills for the future and an insight into a possible career path. Students will also start to study theory content for the unit 1 exam where we focus on achieving strength and stability of buildings in low rise construction.

Curriculum Overview – Year 10

Construction is currently not running in this year group.

Curriculum Overview – Year 11

In Year 11, students continue to study the BTEC Firsts Constructing the Built Environment course provided by Edexcel.

In term 1, students will use the skills learnt in previous years to complete the Carpentry assignment and complete Unit 5.

We then move onto Unit 2, ‘Construction and Design’. In this unit, students will understand the work completed across the construction industry, understand a client’s needs to develop a design brief for a low-rise building and then produce a range of initial sketch ideas to meet the requirements of a client brief for a low-rise building.

In the final half term, students will continue to study content for Unit 1 to further embed deeper knowledge and understanding and then decide whether they would like to try and improve their exam grade in the summer series of exams.

Teacher of Construction

Mr M King –