Rewards & Sanctions

We believe that our students perform more successfully if they are rewarded for their efforts. Apart from praise and a positive system of assessment of work, students across all the key stages have the opportunity to have their hard work and efforts recognised.

As in any large community, a code of behaviour is needed. Our school code of conduct encourages an awareness amongst students of other people’s needs and a respect for their property. We make sure that this code is known and understood by all students through their student planners, it is also displayed in every classroom.

Good behaviour is most likely in an encouraging and supportive environment. St Bernard’s School provides many opportunities for rewarding hard work and effort. As well as praise and a positive system of assessing work, the school has an electronic reward system which records good work, positive contributions to the school community and is linked to the school’s Inter-House competitions. We also present Headteacher Certificates weekly for good progress being made in lessons.

However, sanctions are issued to students who break rules or who disrupt school procedures and the learning of others. Fortunately, serious offences of misbehaviour are relatively rare but, when necessary, strong action is taken.

Across all the key stages the school an ‘achievement points’ system. These achievement points can be awarded for a number of things; effort, outstanding work, team work, leadership attributes, exceeding targets, being an active citizen, participation in house/school events and attendance. These achievement points will contribute to the overall house standings and will also be monitored and individual success celebrated. The school also has a number of presentation events during the year.

Celebration Assemblies

As a school we believe that students’ successes should be recognised and celebrated. One of the main ways the school does this is through our assemblies. These are usually conducted in Houses. Students across all the Key Stages have the opportunity to receive rewards for their academic achievements, community efforts and attendance.

Mobile Phones

Teachers may allow students in lessons to use their mobile phones for educational purposes, but with this exception they should not be seen. If a student is caught using a mobile phone without permission the phone will be confiscated. Our electronic policy is one of escalation on confiscations so should a phone be confiscated more than once it may be kept in school for a longer period of time. Parents are informed of all confiscations. Our policy can be found on the website.


Sanctions are applied where considered necessary. These, like the system of rewards, work on a sliding scale depending on the severity or frequency of the offence. A verbal warning should be enough in the first instance but a student may need to be issued a further sanction depending on the seriousness of the incident, and they are recorded electronically. Ideally we will endeavour to give parents a minimum of 24 hours notice for after school detentions. We will always try to communicate with parents regarding the sanction prior to the detention.