Lost Property

Administrative staff and Heads of Houses run, with remarkable dedication and care, the system of storing and presenting lost property.

Where items are tagged, it makes it easier to return lost property. All unnamed items are tagged with the date found and kept for approximately 4 weeks. After this time, any unnamed items may be donated to local charities or for our Good as New Uniform provision.

Property which is lost typically takes a number of days, sometimes much longer, to reach the Office and so students are encouraged to make return visits to see if their property has been recovered.

These additional points can really help the efficient return of students’ property:

  • We would suggest that all property is clearly named. The majority of all lost property currently in school is unnamed.
  • Mobile phones’ IMEI numbers should be updated on the school contact forms. The IMEI number is unique to that phone and can usually be found under the battery. A phone can also be named by putting the owner’s details inside the battery cover.