Behaviour at St Bernard's

At St. Bernard’s we are committed to celebrating the achievements of students and ensuring behaviour for learning is of the highest standards.

Positive Discipline is centred on three very simple concepts:

  • that all young people enjoy being effectively rewarded for their effort;
  • that most young people need clear guidelines in terms of what constitutes acceptable behaviour;
  • that effective communication between teachers, parents/carers and students is essential for effective schools. ;

Wave 1
Teacher and Form Tutor

Positive Discipline
C Levels used
Form Tutor Report
Phone call to parents/carers
Note in planner
Informal conversation with pupil
C3 /C4 detention

Wave 2
Form Tutor/Curriculum Leaders/ Heads of House/Heads of Year

Positive Discipline
HoH/Curriculum Leader Report
Meeting with parents/carers
Formal conversation with pupil and HOY
C3 /C4 detention
Internal Isolation
Removal of Social Time

Wave 3
Form Tutor/Curriculum Leaders/ Heads of House/Heads of Year/SLT

Positive Discipline
Pastoral Support Plan
SLT ReportSLT Report
Regular meeting with parents/carers
C3 /C4 detention
Removal of Social Time
Internal Isolation
Fixed Term Exclusion
Modified Timetable (inc. external placement)
Respite Move
Managed Move
Permanent Exclusion

The above lists are not exhaustive and interventions may vary from pupil to pupil based on need. Referrals to other teams (internal and external) may be made if necessary. For further details on our Positive Discipline policy, please refer to the policy area of our website.

Internal and external Support Strategies
We endeavour to support all of our students through a personalised approach to improving attitude and behaviour. We appreciate the uniqueness of all of our children and recognise that “one size doesn’t fit all”. Our range of interventions, whilst including sanctions such as detentions, also include a wide range of alternatives which aim to develop the skills and attributes required to be successful and happy. Our Inclusion Team work collaboratively to put in place the different layers of support on offer. The list of strategies we use is not exhaustive and we also seek support from external agencies where necessary.