School Uniform

Students are expected to be smartly dressed in uniform when attending school. The uniform helps feel that they belong to the school community, creates a positive working environment and encourages them to take pride in their appearance.

Uniform is not a fashion statement but rather, practical, sensible clothing which avoids competition over dress. Parents/guardians are asked for their co-operation in sending students in the correct uniform.

Our approved uniform suppliers are Pinders Schoolwear and Tescos. Pinders are a local manufacturer/supplier who offer quality items at affordable prices with a variety of ways to purchase items of school uniform. They are situated in the Rotherham Transport Exchange retail area, or you can order online via the link to the side.

Items of our uniform can also be purchased from Tescos. Please find links in the downloadable powerpoint to the correct section of their website.

Please click the image below for a PDF download with further information about acceptable uniform in school. It also includes links to the Tescos and Pinders website where uniform can be purchased.

PLEASE NOTE You may be able to source items of our uniform from other suppliers, but please be aware that items that do not adhere to the dress code will not be permitted ie ties must be velcro not clip-on, jumpers with school and house name embroidered in the correct house colours not sweatshirts.