School Day

The School day begins at 8:40am with form time. Periods one through five follow, with allowance for break times mid morning and for lunch before the day ends at 3:00pm. There will then be optional enrichment time until 3.45pm.

Start End Details
8.40am 9.00am Registration/Tutor Time
9.00am 10.00am Period 1
10.00am 10.15am Break
10.15am 11.15 am Period 2
11.15am 12.15pm Period 3
12.15pm 1.00pm Lunch
1.00pm 2.00pm Period 4
2.00pm 3.00pm Period 5
3.00pm 3.45pm Enrichment Curriculum (optional) (Tues, Weds, Thurs)