Supporting Teaching and Learning at St. Bernard’s

Teaching and Learning are the core business of St. Bernard’s Catholic High School, our main purpose and responsibility. This year, we have introduced a number of initiatives to help fulfil our aim that all students throughout the curriculum, whatever their ability, receive teaching and learning of the highest quality so that they can achieve their full potential and be skilled for life.

One of these initiatives has been the introduction of Action Research Projects which all members of teaching staff will complete by the end of the academic year. Action research is a model of professional development in which educators study student learning related to their own teaching; a process that allows them to learn about their own instructional practices and to continue to improve student learning. These projects are classroom based and aim to improve practice or implement change, focusing on Key Stage 4 where possible. All members of teaching staff have submitted a proposal and have been working on developing ideas to move teaching and learning forward in their classrooms. There are many exciting ideas covering important areas such as marking, feedback and assessment, the progress of boys, independent learning and ways to develop the learning of A/A* students. At the end of the year, teachers will present their findings and evaluate the impact the project has had on the learning of their students.

As well as the Action Research Projects, and to ensure all teachers can access CPD in a ‘24/7’ style, we have a new teaching and learning library with up to date educational publications and a teaching and learning take away board in the staffroom which has blogs to read, bloggers to follow on twitter and ideas to take away and try in the classroom. We also have a St. Bernard’s teaching and learning blog where staff can read about best practice and share ideas. Furthermore, for an hour after school on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, training is delivered to our trainee and newly qualified teachers, as well as any other members of staff who are interested.