Support for Students

St Bernard’s believes in the philosophy that the individual needs of our students are the guiding principle behind the Pastoral care system. We adhere to a holistic approach to pastoral care, fusing the personal, academic, spiritual, moral and cultural welfare of our students to the mission of the school.

The form tutor is the first and vital point of contact for our students. They register once a day at 08.55 until 9:20. This is re- enforced occasionally by an extended registration period. Primarily the role of form tutor registers the class electronically. Also, the form tutor has a responsibility to create positive relationships with each member of their form, celebrating their successes, inside and outside the school. Form tutors also have a duty to follow up on any attendance, punctuality or behaviour issues.

The form tutor is the first point of referral in the chain of discipline after the class teacher and Head of Curriculum Area. Subject teachers, via Sims, will inform the form tutor of instances of poor behaviour, lack of effort or other matters of concern and s/he will then discuss with members of their form and inform parents where necessary.

St Bernard’s has vertical forms with students from Y7 through to Y10. This allows our students to mix with the full range of abilities, backgrounds and ages in the true spirit of comprehensive education.

In order to further support our Y11 students, they are grouped together for form time. This allows them additional time for revision and further interventions over time.