Literacy And Numeracy


"Literacy is the combination of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills we all need to fulfil our potential. These life skills are essential to the happiness, health and wealth of individuals and society."

National Literacy Trust, 2011
All teachers are teachers of literacy and as such, St Bernard’s Staff are committed to developing literacy skills in all of our students. We believe that this will support student learning and raise standards across the curriculum because:

  • Well developed reading skills allow students to access information, understand questions and learn from sources beyond their immediate experience, in all subjects.
  • Students need vocabulary, expression and organisational control to cope with the demands of all subjects.
  • Well developed writing skills allow students to demonstrate knowledge, understanding and opinions in an ordered manner, in all subjects.
  • Language helps students to reflect, revise and evaluate their work and experience, and that of others.
  • Responding to higher order questioning encourages the development of thinking skills and enquiry.
  • Improving literacy and learning can have a positive impact on students’ self esteem, motivation and behaviour – it is empowering and allows them to learn independently.
  • Strong literacy skills are a pre-requisite to achieving successful outcomes for students, not just during their time at school but throughout their lives.

All subject areas will provide opportunities for all students to develop their literacy skills, within schemes of work and individual lessons. At Key Stage 3, students are expected to improve their literacy skills through extended writing as well as reading tasks. At Key Stage 4 these opportunities will support the development of skills required by the examination specifications.

Literacy "is more than the mechanics of reading, writing, speaking and listening. The National Curriculum demands that connections be made between each strand and across subjects, which calls for thought and understanding, for recall, selection and analysis of ideas and information, and for coherent, considered and convincing communication in speech and in writing."

Ofsted, 2013

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