St Bernard's Hallmark

Kind, Compassionate, Caring

Every member of our school community has an important role to play in upholding and maintaining our school values with regards to respect, tolerance and care for all.

These values will only be upheld if day to day each of us helps to create a compassionate and supportive environment, one in which people feel valued, able to be themselves and are free from any form of intimidation.

As intelligent, thoughtful and compassionate people we believe we are all capable of judging the impact of our actions and words on other people.

All forms of behaviour, whether in person, at school, at home or in the virtual world, should be maturely considered and rooted in kindness, civility, decency, and shared Gospel values.

There may be times when you feel concerned by unkind behaviour that has happened to you or that you have observed happening to someone else. If this is the case please recognise that you have a responsibility to share these concerns with a trusted adult.

We always stand up and never allow the unkind actions of others to go unchallenged. This caring action helps to uphold the kind, considerate, compassionate and respectful community of St Bernard’s which we are justly proud of. We all play a vital role in sustaining it.