Aims & Mission Statement

St. Bernard’s Catholic High School is the lead school for the ‘Clairvaux Teaching and Learning Consortium’. In partnership with several other outstanding schools and educational organisations, the CTLC is committed to working with others to improve teaching and learning.

The role and work of teaching schools is part of the rapidly changing educational landscape, but here at CTLC, we are really clear about what we are doing, and more importantly why. This is best summed up in the phrase: “Releasing potential: aspire, achieve and believe’.

Clairvaux TLC VISION

CTLC’s core purpose is to release the potential in students and Staff alike encouraging everyone to ‘aspire, achieve and believe’

We work in a collaborative partnership, where all members are committed, to ‘ outstanding learning and success for all

That is our aim and our vision. We hope that you find the information available useful and interesting.